Connor Gets Fuked

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Description: For everyone who’s been waiting to see Connor bottom again … you’ll have to wait until next month. Just kidding! It’s been almost a year since our Greek god bottomed. When Connor last teamed with Kent, it was one of Kent’s first scenes. Kent’s no longer a freshman and he’s one of the top studs (or should that be “studly tops”?) at CF these days. So this is a perfect opportunity for Kent to show off what he’s learned. It’s a little early in the morning, but Kent and Connor and their cocks wake up quickly once they start making out. They take their time enjoying each others’ bodies, kissing and running their tongues over one another. With muscular bodies like that, who wouldn’t take their time? Kent goes down on Connor’s big cock, licking it and taking it deep into his throat. Kent stands up to feed Connor his dick, then he sinks down to eat out Connor’s ass. Once it’s good and ready, Kent slides his cock into Connor. Connor moans as he takes Kent’s dick. He lays down on the sofa and Kent straddles Connor’s ass, slamming his cock deep inside. Kent pushes himself up off Connor’s back, still fucking hard. Kent lays flat on Connor’s back, thrusting in and out of Connor’s ass. Connor flips over. Kent holds Connor’s legs apart and he fucks Connor in the missionary position. Connor strokes his big dick as he gets fucked. Connor shoots his load all over his ripped abs. Kent pulls out and blasts his load into Connor’s mouth. Connor swallows down Kent’s cum, sucking his cock dry. It reminded me how hot it is to see Connor bottom. But you guys probably don’t want to see anymore of that, right ?
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