Jake Jaxson’s All Saints - Chapter 2

Duration: 30:57 Views: 32K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2018
Description: Cole Claire & Max Adonis 2018 Jake Jaxson’s spellbinding mythology, ALL SAiNTS, returns with "Chapter Two: The Mystic Krewe of Memento Mori.” And what better day than today — All Saints' Day (also known as All Souls' Day or The Day of the Dead.) Journey back in time to the Civil War when two soldiers from opposing sides are reunited in a haven from all the the conflict as their tale of friendship and love is retold. Mark ( Max Adonis) recounts how he and the studious, enigmatic Matthew (Cole Claire) meet as West Point cadets and form a bond of friendship that gets stronger in the months before the war. On one camping/hunting trip together their friendship takes a natural but unexpected step to a different level. Inside their spacious tent one morning Matthew (Cole) gets a surprise but welcome spooning from Mark (Max). He reaches and around to fondle Matthew's burgeoning erection with tacit approval, nuzzle his neck and get him naked. They kiss as Mark teases Matthew's virgin hole and increases his dick fondling and soon they're stroking each other. Matthew instinctively moves forward to suck Mark's cock and give him swooning pleasure. Mark's fingers wander and probe Matthew's hole again but this time he wants in more. Turning him around again Mark (Max Adonis) slowly fucks Matthew (Cole Claire) from the side but soon pulls him on top to thrust into the gasping bottom even deeper. Mark also wants more cocksucking and out of the bed Matthew gets on his knees to do so. As Mark sits in a rocker Matthew keeps going but his mouth also tastes and pleasures his body. And he pleasures himself by sitting on Mark's cock and riding with the momentum of the ricking chair. Mark (Max) lifts Matthew(Cole) and drills into him against the tent pole with increasingly intense energy. He soon moves him to the bed to rim his hungry hole and fuck him on his back and they both release the remaining threads of their inhibitions. Mark fucks a load out of an incredulous Matthew and proceeds to cover his torso with his own thick load and the lovers are bursting with euphoria. As Mark's reminiscences end and he adds to his memento box, it's time for each of the weary travelers to depart their haven and move on. Enjoy, Jake Jaxson
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