ELI & DR WOLF Chapter 1: Dr Wolf's Office

Duration: 42:31 Views: 45K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2019
Description: Models Eli, Legrande Wolf. Eli strips off his briefs, readying himself for his routine exam. For all boys his age this type of thing can be more than a little awkward and uncomfortable...having another man handle his penis. He was so nervous that he would get an erection, but his nerves worked in his favor and kept him from getting hard. He’s been going to Dr. Wolf for a while and trusts him. Annual physicals for most young men his age are invasive and strange, but for Eli he anticipates his physicals with as much excitement as he does christmas. Ever since this doctor first touched him, he’s always liked the handsome tall doctor. And recently Eli has been thinking about how he could seduce the big man. Eli is short for his age. Not just short, but tiny. As Dr. Wolf carefully and procedurally holds his balls in his hands, he notices just how big the man's hands are. His long arms and legs seem to stretch on forever. Even his hands are huge compared to his own. Sitting down, he’s almost as tall as Eli standing! Eli feels so tiny as he’d being held, as if he could fit into the doctor’s palm completely and get put into his pocket. The idea bounced around in his head as Dr. Wolf continued, making him feel a rush of blood to his genitals he did not anticipate.