Deron - Solo (2012)

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Description: “I don’t think I’ve skipped a rock in years,” Deron said, his eyes wide like a child’s. “This is great!” “You look like you would be a great swimmer with all those back muscles,” I said, laughing as he barely escaped an aggressive wave. “Yeah, I was a lifeguard when I was younger,” he replied. “You know, just saving some lives... it was an interesting job.” “Why’s that?” “Sometimes moms and dads would break the rules while I was on duty,” he explained. “I had to yell at them more than I yelled at the kids!” One thing was for sure, though... Deron loved to show off his body for the camera! “I work hard for this!” he said. “I’m aspiring to be a bodybuilder, to show off this wide back!” He does have an amazing, muscular back, and a beefy chest! And he’s definitely a happy guy who loves to have fun. “I keep getting myself in awkward situations,” he said. “My friend recorded a video of me running around wearing a bikini. I got so much shit for it!” “How did you fit your junk into a bikini?” I asked. “It wasn’t easy!” he said.
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