Austin’s Team Play

Duration: 18:31 Views: 14K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2020
Description: Models Austin Young, Bishop Angus, Legrand Wolf. Austin found himself with time to kill after his afternoon shower. With his cock out and the rest of the day ahead of him, he thought he’d get lost in a little online erotica. With his headphones on, his phone in one hand and his dick in another, he searched out his fantasies as he got progressively harder and hotter. Coach Angus walked past the open door of the boy’s room, poking his head in as he emerged fresh from the showers. Wearing nothing but a towel to cover his manhood, he saw the boy’s cock being stroked, forcing his own horny desires spring to the surface. He could tell the boy was looking to cum, so he figured he might as well use his tight daddy ass! Austin barely needed the coach’s invitation to top the older man. He’d found himself looking for it more and more. It even became his new favorite search online!