You Snooze, You Screws

Duration: 25:35 Views: 11K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2019
Description: (Kaleb Cross, Max Trey) JD is gonna wish he'd taken the day off when he finds out what his friend Max and his roommate Kaleb got up to. The handsome young man lets himself in while JD rushes off to help out his colleagues and arrives in the apartment to find the ridiculously sexy young Kaleb snoozing on the couch, his underwear bulging like a tempting package that any guy wold love to unwrap. It might not be considered right, but Max can't help but take some photos of the gorgeous boy. He should have stopped there, but the temptation is just too much and he decides to get a peek at the meaty tool filling the boy's undies. In for a penny, in for a pound, as they say. With the young man's uncut cock poking out Max dares to take a lick, then a suck, the perfectly pink length stiffening up in his mouth and oozing precum appreciatively. No boy could possibly sleep through such an experience and as Kaleb is roused he's more than happy to find this handsome young man sucking on his meaty prick. There's no chance of slowing down now that their shared cock lust is out in the open. Tanned boy Max gets naked, slurping his new friend's incredible cock every chance he gets, his own throbbing boner being stroked and toyed with while Kaleb encourages the guest into ever more horny delights. Foreplay can only last so long before that big bare boner needs a warm ass to fill and Max is ever accommodating, taking it deep on the couch. When Kaleb drifted off for a nap on the couch he never expected to be balls-deep in another boy's ass soon after waking, but his lust to unload with his new buddy is clear as he pumps his long meat in and out of Max's eager butt. Taking a break to get his first taste of Max's juicy dong young Kaleb shows he's learned a thing or two about giving good head, perhaps JD taught him? It's the perfect little break to take them into the final stretch, with Max opening up for another round of anal ramming as Kaleb takes him from behind and on his back. A few deep strokes of his big bareback tool in the boy's hole and Kaleb is ready to deliver, pulling out and jacking his meat, launching a big mess over his sweet friend, hitting his shoulder with a fat dollop of cum. It's the taste of the boy's big cummy cock that gets Max unloading, sucking the last of Kaleb's load from his helmet as his own erection spews an eruption of milky nutt up his tanned body. Maybe they'll be ready to go again by the time JD gets back from work?