Rode To Suckcess (Justin Stone, Ron Negba)

Duration: 26:19 Views: 8.8K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2019
Description: Blond stunner Justin isn't the shy type. When he finds a boy he likes he doesn't care if they're gay or straight, or somewhere in-between, he'll make his lust known and see what happens. Extremely cute Ron might play hard to get when the adorable blond twink comes on to him at the park but even straight lads can't say no to a little no-strings BoyFun. After second-guessing his original refusal he's soon following the young man back to his place. He might be confused, or perhaps just playing a game, but it doesn't matter when they get to the bedroom and fit boy Ron joins his host in a kiss and a grope. The lad is soon taking control, stripping naked and thrusting his long uncut cock into the boy's face, giving Justin a little taste of what he's soon gonna get up his snug bareback hole. Regardless of whether Ron is really straight or not, his cock is loving all the attention and when he gets the opportunity to slurp a dick too he's on it, sucking Justin's wet rod and playing with the lad's balls. With their playful exploration of hard young boner out of the way it's time for young Justin to get what he really craves. The boy slides his smooth little pucker down on Ron's impressive dick and savors the feel of a long naked shaft inside as he bounces in his lap, his own dick swinging around. Taking control, Ron gets his new friend on his knees at the edge of the bed, pumping his long twink meat between those cheeks and hitting the boy's sweet spot with determined thrusts. Justin is loving it, but he loves it even more when he's on his back and his new pal's long naked dick is brushing against his prostate. With a final frenzy of face fucking for the blond bottom boy Ron unleashes a torrent of hot cum all over the pretty boy's face, drenching the twink and giving him a taste of his juicy goo. It's enough to have Justin ready to blow too, with a little help from Ron's wanking fist around his meat. If Ron was just curious before, his day at the park certainly opened his eyes!