Fuck 2020 Part 2 (JJ Knight, Calhoun Sawyer)

Duration: 24:19 Views: 41K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2021
Description: Calhoun Sawyer is trying to stay positive as he prepares to see in the new year, but his boyfriend JJ Knight is totally fed up with 2020. JJ pops the bottle of bubbly, and in the final 2020 twist, the cork flies into Calhoun's asshole! Calhoun tells his man to come uncork him, so JJ pulls it out with his teeth, then eats his BF's hole before fucking him doggystyle. Calhoun rides the top's dick, then deepthroats him before JJ fucks him spoon on the couch. JJ works his man's hole while jacking his cock till Calhoun cums, then pulls out to shoot a hot load all over the bottom's chest just as the confetti explodes. Fuck 2020!