A For Alpha Austin: Wolf & Francois Sagat

Duration: 23:42 Views: 14K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2019
Description: After years of an online friendship and a little flirting, Austin Wolf & François Sagat finally get together in this condom-free scene filmed in Paris! The guys launch our new series "A Is For Alpha" in which we explore what it means to be an alpha. You're in for some big surprises as Austin & François first open up about themselves and about each other, and it all leads to an unforgettable pairing of pent-up attraction. The guys take their times making out and exploring their muscular bodies before Austin sensuously sucks François' thick uncut cock & fingers him as François desires. It isn't long before Austin lifts and carries him to the bed where François swallows and chokes on his cock. He keeps on it and Austin makes sure of it while reaching over and playing with his muscular bubble butt, Eventually Austin turns François around to eat out his ass and finger him before he gets him into position and slides into him. Austin fucks him hard from behind and slowly dominates him, easily getting François to sit on his cock and ride him and take his deep thrusts. Françoisturbs and faces Austin as he rides him so he can play with the nipples on his flexing chest. Austin soon picks him up again and lies François on his back with his ass in the air and pounds him relentlessly until he makes the French muscle god shoot a thick load over his chest. Austin soon pulls out and shoots over François' hole and fucks it into him. After he fingers it in deep, a spent Austin lies next to François and they're both satisfied in every way after a six year wait.