British Pounds - D.O. and Issac Jones [Scene 2]

Duration: 23:13 Views: 8.4K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2013
Description: The Argentine hunk known only as D.O. patrols the streets of Birmingham searching for sex; by chance he encounters Issac Jones, who leads D.O. back to his apartment for a hook up. They begin making out once they’re through the door before D.O. takes the dive and starts sucking on Issac’s hard uncut cock. After throat pumping his partner, Issac shows D.O. what’s he made up and swallows his uncut Latin cock, playing with the head and foreskin before deep-throating him; D.O. gets excited and even face-pumps him! D.O. and Issac Jones head over to the bed and lick each other’s assholes; afterwards Issac grabs a condom and wraps up his piece. With a hard plunge followed by fast thrust he fucks D.O. deep, and he only asks to get fucked harder D.O. even lets Issac relax for a bit while he shows off his ass skills and fucks himself on Issac’s erection! They flip and D.O. tears a condom out of its wrapper, sheathes his dick, and hammers Issac like a dog in heat; and for added effect D.O. pinches a hold of Issac’s nipples as he rides his ass!