Elian Hits The Spot

Duration: 25:37 Views: 36K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2021
Description: (Models Elian and Zander). Zander hadn't yet gotten the chance to experience some scorching hot action with Elian, having arrived at CF at a time when Elian was away for awhile. With Elian being back, it was a must we get these two together - and Zander was the first to agree with that! It's probably a good thing it took us awhile to get these two paired up. Since first arriving at CF, Zander's really grown in to himself. He's discovered he really loves action with another man, and truly discovered his submissive side. Zander just loves getting worked over! With Elian getting more and more dominant and aggressive each time we see him, Zander was in for the time of his life as we put these two in action with one another. Early on, Elian could tell he had a willing and eager bottom in Zander, and one that was most definitely down for a hard and heavy fuck. As soon as Elian gets his dick buried balls-deep in Zander's ass, Elian starts pounding away. The reactions that gets out of Zander are grunts, groans, and a string of "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" moans. Elian makes Zander tell him how much he likes it and how much he needs it, and it's all Zander can do to beg for more - and Elian gives him all he can handle!