Are You Done? (Leo Rosso, Pol Prince)

Duration: 22:30 Views: 8.0K Submitted: 2 years ago Year: 2021
Description: Pol Prince is the new guy at the office and today he’s working alone with manager Leo Rosso. Leo asks Pol to go to the warehouse and do the inventory. While he’s working downstairs, Leo is upstairs watching him, getting horny, and enjoying the view of the young, bearded sexy stud. He takes out his cock and jerks off. Later, when Leo asks Pol if he’s done -- he gets asked in return "Are You Done?". Pol noticed the boss jerking off earlier and wonders what else Leo does with his new employees. While Leo denies everything - Pol knows and likes what he saw! He likes them big and wants to taste and ride the boss’ thick cock. Leo wants to work less and play more too - the two suited studs flip-flop fuck in the warehouse.