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Description: (Models Carlos Costa, Kaleb Cross). It's only right that when you move into a new apartment you introduce yourself to your new neighbors and try to make friends. Hot little Carlos Costa has already met several of the people in his building, but while they've all be very amenable and polite none of them have offered him the kind of welcome handsome and fit Kaleb Cross is about to. With a little grope of the instantly growing cock in his pants the shirtless boy sends the right message, inviting Carols inside. It's immediately clear that they're both on the same page and although coffee is offered some hard-dicked BoyFun is clearly the best way to get to know each other. As their lips meet and Kaleb explores his host he finds a very long and very hard cock to quickly start sucking, something he's clearly talented at. The tanned young man struggles to work it, it's so thick and long! He does his best, wanking the shaft and slurping the tip, encouraging his new friend to return the favor. Kaleb doesn't need to be told twice, as soon as the young man's slender shaft is out he's greedily gulping the head, the two relaxing on the couch while he sucks the precum out of the new arrival, his own incredible shaft rigid in his stroking fist. Eager to accept a challenge young Carlos bends over on the couch, his twinky hole ready to be filled. Kaleb aims his meat, his oversized head puncturing the tight pucker, jabbing his inches into his new pal. The boy can't take too much of that raw cock, it's just too big for his snug little hole, but when he decides to take control and ride it he proves his willingness to try. Kaleb gets a couple of inches of his wide cock inside his guest, but he gets a little more when he has the boy on his back. With his ass relaxed a little more Carlos can handle some deeper thrusting, the feel of that massive meat sliding in and out soon leading him to a cummy explosion as semen launches from his dick to splash down over his skinny body. The tightness of the boy's hole already had Kaleb close to unloading too, but the sight of all his cum firing off gets him over the line and within moments he's wanking off to deliver his own orgasmic shower of twink cream for his friend. What a way to arrive in a new home.