Two Little Asses for Enzo

Duration: 26:45 Views: 6.3K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2017
Description: (Models Abel Lacourt, Enzo Lemercier, Paul Delay). "Enzo and Paul surprise Abel spying them" In this last "special holidays" scene, Paul Delay is busy sucking Enzo Lemercier greedily when a sound of a sneeze interrupts them. The two twinks thought they were alone in the room, but Abel Lacourt, jealous and voyeuristic is hidden in a big gift package to watch them sucking! Abel is unmasked, betrayed by his cold and Paul invites him to join them in bed. Paul sucks the two beautiful twinks cocks in turn before getting turned on his back to allow Enzo and Abel to play with his ass and deeply finger it. They put several fingers each at the same time and Paul is overexcited and his ass is quickly ready to get fucked by Enzo! Paul moans loudly as he gets his ass pounded while sucking Abel's big cock. Once Enzo has finished with Paul, he switches to Abel’s hole. Abel is now sucking Paul being fucked by the young stallion. The three boys give all their energy and Abel is going to take two beautiful facial cumshots ... and even a third because Paul is so excited that he will cum twice in this scene!