Cum In A Top Boys Bare Hole

Duration: 19:49 Views: 3.5K Submitted: 5 months ago Year: 2020
Description: (Models Randi Freja, Kenton Tore). Randi Freja has a thing for athletic boys who like to stay in shape, and it's fair to say this describes handsome and horny lad Kenton Tore accurately. With the two hanging out on the couch he can't help but make a move and start checking out his friends' sexy muscles, and you know Kenton isn't one to complain. Indeed, with a little groping of his growing bulge in his pants he's moving in for a kiss, and it's the signal Randi needs to go ahead and get that big uncut cock out for a taste. Kenton is stiff and ready, his long and delicious dick soon in his friend's mouth while Randi slurps and slobbers, but this eager young man isn't the only one who can suck a cock with skill. Kenton can't wait to get a taste of his buddy, quickly bobbing up and down on the rigidly hard penis in his face, precum and spit mixing in his mouth while he services his buddy. While Randi isn't normally a bottom he'll gladly take the raw uncut cock of his sporty pal, bending over to have his smooth and tight hole thumbed and played with before Kenton crams his naked cock inside. Fucked from behind, on his back and finally sliding down to take a bareback ride on his new friend's gorgeous erection Randi is clearly enjoying being on the receiving end, inviting an explosive splashing of warm semen all over his well-worked hole before taking aim with his own throbbing tool and decorating Kenton's chest with his erupting cock cream.