Ravished Roommates

Duration: 24:01 Views: 4.0K Submitted: 8 months ago Year: 2021
Description: (Models Andy Ford, Darin Boswell, Nick Danner). It's not always fun having roommates, but when those roommates are horny twinks who love some good BoyFun in the middle of the afternoon it makes arguments over washing the dishes far easier to deal with. Nick and Darin are getting the fun started on the couch while their friend Andy busies himself with a book, but you know a hung boy like him can't keep his eyes diverted when such hotness is occurring mere feet away. He doesn't even need to see a cock to be playing with his own in his pants and once the horny wanking boy arrives to join them on the couch their smooching session quickly becomes a feast of cock sucking. There's more than enough delicious dick to go around as the three smooth boys swap their slurps, with incredible lengths of uncut fuckmeat being slavishly licked and sucked, but the real fun starts when Nick positions himself as their bottom and offers his snug little hairless hole for Darin to lick and fuck. With Andy's big intact boner to wank and suck and Darin's bareback length pumping his smooth pucker from behind the boy is in heaven, but it appears one cock isn't enough for this greedy young man and when he gets the chance to take a ride on Andy's impressive dong he's sliding his hole down on it. The boys swap again for a little more spooning spitroast fun before greedy Nick ends up on his back with Andy pumping his raw hole and Darin wanking over him, the promise of some tasty loads making him jerk his own thick wad out over his stomach. His roommates are soon ready to add their own hot shots to the messy conclusion, both spurting their juicy mess in Nick's happy and contented face. No one cares about arguing over chores when you have roommates like these.