Tempt The Teen (Jean Gilliam, Jack Flynn )

Duration: 21:34 Views: 4.0K Submitted: 7 months ago Year: 2017
Description: It's been a long time since cute little Jean Gilliam has been seen in these parts, but we're happy to see his parts back in action with adorable boy Jack Flynn. It's a very special session of bareback BoyFun for the two young twinky stars, it being Jean's first duo. How could he resist the delights of adorable Jack's big dick and snug pucker? The language barrier might be an issue when young Jack arrives to find the cute guest on the couch, but with a few tentative kisses he soon gets his point across and soon enough both their "points" are revealed for them to share. As soon as Jack has his new friends uncut cock out of his pants he's wanking and sucking him, and Jean isn't complaining about the very surprising welcome he's received. He might not be used to playing with a hard dick other than his own but then Jack reveals his long and hooded member the boy goes in for a taste, and it appears he likes it. With some greedy gobbles of the leaking length his own youthful erection is ready to slip between Jack's ass cheeks, a pleasure his new friend is more than willing to savour. Bent over and with his new friend's naked dick pumping in and out of his snug pucker his own long cock swings beneath him, he loves it even more when he's laying back and young Jean is thrusting up to brush his prostate with his bulbous helmet, making his own sheathed glans dribble precum in anticipation of the creamy explosions to come. With Jack's cream splashing up his smooth and fit body he's ready to take a shower of splooge from the gorgeous boy's erupting member, his heavy cream pouring out over his face in a messy conclusion that's sure to have them both meeting up for more fun in the future. Perhaps next time they should invite their mutual friend.