Bastian Karim & Donnie Marco

Duration: 21:05 Views: 6.2K Submitted: 7 months ago Year: 2022
Description: Two of the gay adult world's hottest hunks Donnie Marco and Bastian Karim return to Badpuppy together and we couldn't be happier. We join Donnie relaxing on the sofa as hunky young Bastian walks in and sits down beside him. Bastian strips off his shirt revealing his chiseled torso and arms. He lies down on the sofa, Donnie climbs on top of him and begins gently rubbing Bastian's back and neck muscles. Donnie leans down and kisses Bastian on the neck before methodically licking Bastian's back, starting at his ass-crack and then slowly working his way up to Bastian's ear. The ear teasing is really turning Bastian on. Donnie stops to pull off Bastian's jeans and Bastian rolls over. His cock is bulging to get out of his underwear and Donnie gladly slides them off. He grabs Bastian's rock-hard, uncut cock and deep-throats its entire length. Donnie pushes Bastian's legs back, buries his face in Bastian's hole and as Bastian jacks his dick, Donnie primes Bastian's hole with his tongue. Bastian pulls Donnie up on the sofa, rips off his underwear and proceeds to blow Donnie's thick piece of meat. Bastian buries his face deep into Donnie's crotch-fur as he swallows every inch of Donnie's cock before turning around to offer his ass to Donnie. Donnie pushes his cock deep into Bastian's hole and proceeds to pound away as Bastian moans with every stroke. Flipping onto his back, Bastian pulls his legs back so that Donnie can fill his hole again. He grabs his cock and begins jacking it hard and fast as Donnie continues to fuck him even harder. Bastian can't hold back and as Donnie's cock hits home Bastian blows a thick creamy load of jizz all over his rock-hard abs. Donnie pulls out and with just a few strokes he coats Bastian's balls and ass with his cum. With both of them completely satisfied Donnie falls into Bastian's arms and they kiss as the scene fades to black.