Alex Loves Anal

Duration: 27:18 Views: 3.7K Submitted: 8 months ago Year: 2022
Description: (Models Alex Hofer, Jeka Gloo). Hung young Jeka Gloo is lounging on the bed and seemingly bored, looking through his phone. He needs a good distraction, and one soon arrives in the form of slim friend Alex Hofer. The twink is clearly looking for some BoyFun and he's come to the right place to get it. All it takes is a quick little smooch for a greeting and the two rampant boys are slipping their clothes off. These two are so desperate to get down to it they're quickly stripped down to their briefs, their cocks bulging and ready to breach the cotton confines. The moment those penises are freed they're sliding between lips. Both of these boys have truly delicious dicks, but Jeka has the most impressive curved cock and it's soon apparent that Alex can't stop sucking it. He needs to if he wants it in his bareback hole, though. With boners slurped and Alex clearly eager for a good fucking from his hung twink pal his hole gets a little play, then it's time for Jeka to slide in deep. It's a good thing Alex is so experienced, and so greedy. His ass welcomes that big dick with ease and he enjoys an amazing buggering from behind and on his back, culminating in a flood of semen splashing from his own rampant rod and decorating his smooth and fit body. Big boy Jeka is spurred on by the flexing hole massaging his meat while Alex spits his cream out, in moments he's heading up to pump his own juicy goo all over his friend's chest in a final flurry of climactic bliss. That certainly beats wasting an evening scrolling social media.