Beno Eker and Josh Cavalin

Duration: 18:48 Views: 3.4K Submitted: 6 months ago Year: 2021
Description: Beno Eker wants to clean the apartment; but Josh Cavalin has something else he'd like cleaned. Josh pulls Beno over to the sofa where the two fall into it lip-locked and feeling each other up. Stripping down to their underwear their raging boners most certainly want free but these two hot young men can't stop kissing and pawing at each other. Josh pulls down Beno's shorts and grabs ahold of his thick, uncut cock. Josh wastes no time swallowing its entire length almost gagging at first; but from the look in Beno's eyes I'd say that Josh knows exactly how to make a man feel good. Josh slips out of his underwear and his dick is standing straight up. Beno enjoys a few minutes blowing Josh before he turns Josh over onto all fours. Beno pushes his cock deep into Josh's tight ass. Josh backs in forcing Beno's cock even deeper inside him. Beno starts pounding and Josh's rock-hard cock begins swinging in the breeze. Beno sits down on the sofa and Josh follows sitting straight down on to Beno's dick. Josh starts riding hard and fast, giving his own hole a work-out any of us would enjoy. Josh lays back on the sofa with his legs pulled back and Beno shoves his cock back in continuing the fuck-fest. The harder Beno fucks, the louder Josh moans with pleasure. Josh grabs his cock and as Beno fucks him harder Josh loses his load, squirting jizz all over his abs. Beno pulls out and dumps a thick load of creamy white cum coating Josh's cock and balls.