He Is Here Now (Corey Law, Darin Boswell)

Duration: 17:04 Views: 2.5K Submitted: 4 months ago Year: 2020
Description: Who's down for a smoke and stroke?Darin is hanging out at the sex club, enjoying a cigarette and playing with himself, when Corey walks in, drops to his knees, and begins to suck his cock. Corey grabs the dick and licks the head while Darin sits back and enjoys every second. Darin then lifts Corey to his feet, puts him against and wall, and begins kissing him before pulling Corey's pants down and working his cock with his mouth. They both then get on the bed so that Corey can do what he came to do, which is to get fucked. Darin is ready and lets his fuck boy sit down on his cock. Corey moans in pleasure as he bounces up and down, but he wants Darin to take control, so he lays on his back, puts his leg's in the air, and gives his hole up. Darin pumps away at his bottoms ass until he moves Corey over to the wall and bends him over. Corey loves this position the most. He strokes his dick and comes while getting his hole fucked. Darin, now ready to cum himself, unloads all over Corey's jacket.