Romancing Kyler (Roman and Kyler)

Duration: 28:15 Views: 2.7K Submitted: 2 weeks ago Year: 2021
Description: First thing's first - I'm not sure which of the guys originally, weeks ago, went digging around the deepest, darkest recesses of some random closet during a break in filming and managed to dig up all these old CF shirts that I didn't even know were around, but I'm glad they did. The guys look cute in these blast-from-the-past t-shirts. Roman in particular looks quite sexy sporting one in this episode, though Roman always looks sexy. Roman and Kyler had quite the rapport while hanging out around the studio, and that carried over to this scene here. These guys were getting along, having fun, and were more than happy about having the chance to get down and dirty together. Roman takes on the big brother role quite well here, eager to show Kyler some new tricks and work him over good. And once Kyler gets Roman's dick in him? Kyler discovers he gets along with Roman even more than he thought he did! The facial Kyler gets here has to be one of the biggest we've filmed - and he gives it to himself! He's on his back, legs in the air, Roman's big dick pumping his hole, then fires off a massive load that sails up and over his entire chest, blasting his own face with cum. Roman's dick was clearly hitting the spot, over and over and over again! Roman doesn't want Kyler's face to be all that's coated in cum, though, and makes sure Kyler's hole gets drenched in cum as well!