Christian Hermes & Kalvin Jaferson

Duration: 21:28 Views: 1.3K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2021
Description: Christian Hermes is engaging in cybersex with a friend online when Kalvin Jaferson walks in, abruptly closes Christian's laptop and slides his tongue deep into Christian's mouth. Kalvin drops to his knees after spotting the growing bulge in Christian's underwear. He pulls down Christian's shorts to be greeted by his thick, uncut cock standing at full attention. Kalvin wastes no time deep-throating Christian's long, thick sausage. Kalvin strips out of his own underwear, his stiff cock indicating he's completely turned on by Christian's monster meat. Kalvin rolls over on all fours and Christian slowly pushes his thick dick into Kalvin's tight pink hole. Kalvin grabs his cock, pleasuring himself as Christian drives his dick deeper into Kalvin's hole. Christian lays back on the bed with his cock pointing straight up. Kalvin mounts him, slides back down onto Christian's dick and soon the power-fucking begins. Christian's thrusting deep, hard and fast as Kalvin's obviously enjoying it from the deep moans emanating from his mouth. Christian rolls Kalvin over on his back, pushes his legs back and the fucking continues. Kalvin grabs his cock and begins jerking. He's completely over-stimulated because the moment he starts jacking, he loses it and blows a thick wad of creamy goodness all over his ripped abs. Christian pulls out just as the jizz squirts from his cock coating Kalvin's nut-sack and ass.