Duration: 52:39 Views: 2.9K Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2022
Description: Models Ethan Sinns & Derek Kage. Derek Kage is lounging on the sofa doing some light reading when Ethan Sinns saunters into the room wearing only his underwear. Some suggestive page turning from Ethan has Derek realizing that his novel is far less compelling than the bulging heat pumping between his legs. Ethan gently lays a series of kisses on his man while slowly caressing his girthy cock until it's at full attention. With both men completely stripped of clothing, the two exchange head and Ethan gets into position for Derek to bareback his hole. Derek pumps himself in and out of his partner's muscular cheeks until the roles are reversed with him face down and moaning at every raw thrust of Ethan's big dick. The passionate flip-fuck continues with more rimming and riding until each of these satisfied, versatile men are stroking out their loads into the other's mouth.