Max Royse & Tony Keit

Duration: 23:07 Views: 1.5K Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2022
Description: Tony Keit is enjoying reading on his phone when he hears Max Royse stirring in the bed behind him. Max woke from his nap all horned up and he starts rubbing his crotch. He pulls out his thick, uncut cock which is already hard and starts stroking it. Tony asks what he's doing so Max stands up and walks down the stairs sporting a raging boner. Tony wastes no time as he quickly puts his phone down, leans forward and sucks down every last inch of Max's rock-hard cock. Max strips down and sits back on the sofa giving Tony better access to his dick. Tony leans over, licks Max's piss slit and cock head before moving down his shaft to his tight balls. Max reaches over to help Tony out of his clothes. Tony is completely turned on with his cock standing straight up. Max pulls Tony's legs back and swallows Tony's entire cock. Max works his way down to Tony's sweet, tight ass and begins shoving his tongue in and out, pausing to eagerly eat Tony's hole while priming it for his long, thick dick. Tony is soon on his knees in front of Max and Max slowly pushes his cock deep inside. The action intensifies quickly with Max pounding hard & fast and Tony moaning louder each time Max hits bottom. Tony goes from bouncing up and down on Max's cock to on his side with Max continuing to fuck him mercilessly. Max flips Tony on his back, pushes his legs back and as he pounds Tony harder and faster Tony takes cock in hand and with all the stimulation, he squirts thick loads of creamy white cum all over his abs and chest. Max pulls out just in time to coat Tony's hole and balls with his jizz. Max leans forward and we leave our two hot young men deeply kissing as the camera fades to black.