Henry Wilcox & Ivan Kolos

Duration: 18:32 Views: 3.8K Submitted: 2 months ago Year: 2022
Description: Henry Wilcox is sitting on the sofa intently rubbing his crotch when roommate Ivan Kolos walks in. Henry has been wanting Ivan since he moved in and he was not about to stop pleasuring himself now that he'd been caught. Ivan continues staring at Henry, his face barely shows any expression as he watches the bulge growing in Henry's shorts. Ivan sits down on the sofa's edge, his legs spread wide, showing off his own bulge. Ivan grabs his crotch and begins rubbing it. Henry watches for a few minutes and decides that's his clue to move in. Ivan stands as Henry reaches for his crotch. Ivan unbuttons his jeans and pushes them to the floor revealing a rock-hard, uncut cock standing straight up just waiting for Henry to put his lips around it. Henry obliges, enjoying every inch of Ivan's thick cock. Ivan's getting into it as well and he starts face-fucking Henry, shoving his dick down Henry's willing throat. Henry is soon bent over the sofa with his naked ass pointed toward Ivan. Ivan drives his cock deep into Henry's hole and wastes no time tearing into him. Henry moans deep and loud with every thrust of Ivan's dick and motions for Ivan to sit down on the sofa. Henry climbs on top, slides back down onto Ivan's cock and then begins working his hole up and down teasing Ivan's cock. Ivan begins power-fucking from below and the volume of Henry's moans increases accordingly. Henry lays back on the sofa with his legs pulled back. Ivan grabs ahold of Henry's legs and pushes his cock back into Henry's hot ass. Henry starts stroking his cock in rhythm with Ivan's thrusts. As Ivan's cock hits that special spot deep in Henry's hole, Henry's cock erupts, blowing a thick juicy wad of cum all over his abs. Henry drops to his knees just as Ivan deposits a load of creamy jizz into Henry's waiting mouth and coats the sides of his face. As Ivan pushes the last few drops of cum from his cock a very pleased looking Henry leans forward licking up any remaining leftovers from Ivan's pulsing cock.