Soccer Stars (Karl Stevens, Adrian Serdar)

Duration: 19:58 Views: 2.4K Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2022
Description: Soccer playing boys are some of the horniest, it's probably because of all that testosterone and the regular sight of so many lovely cocks in the showers and changing rooms. That's certainly true for Karl Stevens and his footballing friend Adrian Serdar in this Jawked video. After spending a while kicking a ball around they're soon boned up on the couch and their shorts are tenting with desperation. It's okay, both these soccer boys are on the same page and with a little making out Adrian has his lips wrapped around the uncut stiff meat freed from his pal's soccer shorts. It might not be the kind of thing these players get up to in the showers with their teammates around, but in private they can feast on those tasty cocks and swap their delicious dongs to their heart's content. It's certainly a hot match and with no referee to call the shots Karl focuses on his goal, licking his pal's pucker and sliding in to fill him up with his bareback length. With a buggering from behind and a great ride on Karl's immense meat young Adrian is ready to score, laying back and wanking his own dick while his pal pumps him deep and makes him spurt. It's enough to have our top scorer pulling out to finish the game himself, spooging all over his buddy's chest. Time to hit the showers, boys.