Vincent Castle & Nico Vegas

Duration: 10:14 Views: 873 Submitted: 2 weeks ago Year: 2022
Description: Nico Vegas is in need of a good massage and Vincent Castle is ready to assist. Nico sits down on the bed next to Vincent and pulls of his shirt. Vincent kneels on the bed behind Nico and starts gently rubbing Nico's neck and back. Nico spies the bottle of massage oil and passes it to Vincent who squirts a liberal amount which runs down Nico's chest and back. Nico himself starts rubbing the oil around his chest and abs while Vincent focuses on his neck. Nico slides his oily hands into his shorts and begins stroking his cock while Vincent continues the rub-down. Nico lays back on the bed so that Vincent can massage his chest. As Vincent is rubbing away, Nico grabs ahold of Vincent's hand and moves it down to his crotch. Nico is getting turned on as Vincent rubs both his chest and his bulge. Nico slips out of his shorts and Vincent squirts more massage oil on Nico's thick uncut cock. In no time at all Nico's cock is rock-hard as Vincent continues to work his magic. Nico notices the bulge growing in Vincent's shorts and he can't resist. He grabs ahold of Vincent's cock and begins rubbing it thru his shorts. Vincent moves down to work on Nico's feet and while he does Nico takes his own cock in hand giving it a few strokes. Vincent moves up on the bed so that he can take over and as he's stroking Nico's dick, Nico pulls down Vincent's shorts revealing Vincent's thick uncut piece of man-meat. Nico rolls over on the bed and puts his ass in the air allowing Vincent to massage his tight firm buttocks. Vincent pulls Nico onto all fours, reaches under and starts stroking Nico's cock. As Nico's breathing deepens and his balls tighten, he can't hold back any longer. He let's go, squirting a thick creamy load all over the bed. With a huge sigh of relief, he slumps back into Vincent completely satisfied proclaiming it to be one of the best massages he's ever had.