Finn's Fantasy (Finn Harper, Jean Gilliam)

Duration: 21:19 Views: 1.6K Submitted: 2 weeks ago Year: 2021
Description: Even a boy as sexy as Finn Harper needs to enjoy a good fantasy now and then. While the young man is hot enough to have many a boy willing to share their cock and butt hole whenever he needs he likes to have a good wank and enjoy some horny thoughts occasionally. In this instance smooth and pale young Jean Gilliam is the focus of his BoyFun fantasy, and we can all understand why. The twink is one of the cutest boys and he knows how to handle a hard and swollen cock like the one Finn has for him. The sun bathes the two on the bed as they feast on each other, their sucking lips and wet tongues exploring their youthful erections while they swap their tumescent members. Their foreskins slip over their gooey tips and their swollen balls churn up more cum as the friends pleasure each other in their hands and mouths, preparing for the sweet bliss of a bareback ride. Finn turns his attention to the boy's tight little hole and uses his spit to work him open, then his naked penis is plunging in deep, spooning the boy on the bed. Jean takes the first opportunity he can to impale his pucker down on the thick tool, his hole gaping to accept the tanned prick while Finn lays back and enjoys the pleasure of his youthful ass. A final thrusting for the boy on his back has Jean ready to bust, his hand pumping his dick to make his cock squirt hot cream while Finn towers over the twink, his own cock ready to launch a mess of hot semen over his satisfied little friend.