Alex Vens & Max Gen

Duration: 16:25 Views: 1.3K Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2021
Description: Alex Vens and Max Gen have been on the same football team for the last year. Alex is straight and has no clue that Max is gay. They happen to meet up on the street and start walking together. During their conversation Alex mentions to Max that today's game really took it out of him. His neck and back are hurting. Max tells Alex that he is starting his massage course and he'd be happy to help Max out with his stressed muscles. They both go to Max's place and after Max sets up the massage table Alex strips down to his underwear and lays down face-first. Max starts by working Alex's neck and back muscles. The audible moans of pleasure coming from Alex's mouth indicated to Max that he was hitting the right spots. Max slides his hands down toward Alex's underwear. He's always wondered what Alex looks like naked. He slides his hands underneath the waist-band of Alex's underwear. Alex does not flinch so Max slides off his underwear. Max turns his attention to Alex's firm, tight ass. He massages in the oil, pulling Alex's ass-cheeks apart, showing off his sweet hole. The very hole Alex imagines shoving his tongue and cock deep into. After working his way down to Alex's feet Max has him roll over. This is the first time he's ever seen Alex's long, thick uncut cock. It was in a state of semi-arousal and Max was dying to stick it in his mouth; but he focused and started massaging Alex chest and abs. Every time Max would move his hands near Alex's cock, he would just happen to brush up against it and every time, there was no negative reaction from Alex. Max happens to notice Alex's cock seems to be plumping up so he ever so slowly starts caressing it and then picks it up. Again, Alex does not flinch and Max starts rubbing the foreskin up and down on Alex's shaft. He wants it in his mouth so badly and he goes for it. Alex moans deeply as Alex swallows his entire cock. Max thoroughly enjoys giving Alex a blowjob and just as it appears he's actually going to make Max cum, he starts jerking Max's cock. Alex's entire body goes rigid and his nuts all but disappear as Max brings him to climax squirting jizz all over his tight abs.