Fit Stud Clark Bates Fucks Blake Jackson

Duration: 18:43 Views: 74K Submitted: 8 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Fit Stud Clark Bates Fucks Blake Jackson & Makes Him Cum (Clark Bates, Blake Jackson) 2016 Gay Porno Online HD Clark Bates was on a rampage this weekend tearing up yet another asshole. His choice this time, was none other then rugged Blake Jackson. These two guys were roommates the entire filming weekend and hung out on all their off time. Clark loved how aggressively and eager Blake was to get banged out. He didn't expect Blake to go right for his hairy nipples and work his way down to his cock. Clark's cock slid right into Blake's tight hole just in time for spring training. This roommate fuck was a home run!
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