Eliott Gass & Carey Lexe

Duration: 17:03 Views: 21K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2010
Description: Motorcycles always get guys horny. Doesn’t matter if they’re straight or gay. There’s just something about the rumbling of a bike between your legs that gets you hard. Carey Lexe and Eliott Gass both get turned on by the vibration and are soon swapping blowjobs. You’ll be reaching for lube when Carey starts riding his bareback biker buddy’s huge cock. Watching the pretty gay stud get his asshole fucked raw will have you moaning and groaning just like Carey and Elliott! And with all that youthful zest and lust Eliott soon fires off a big load, aimed at Carey’s mouth. Carey milks every last drop of Eliott’s cum while his own cock erupts with milky stud juice!
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