Duration: 20:47 Views: 83K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2014
Description: Innocent - White Boy Gets A Double Dominican Welcome In The Shape Of Two Monster Black Cocks! (Carlos Santiago, David Hanson, Lloyd Goldwyn) 2014 Has no-one ever told David Hanson how dangerous it is for a white boy to stroll along the beaches of the Dominican Republic unaccompanied? After all, it might look like a paradise idyll, with its shimmering sands, tropical palm trees and the pale blue Caribbean in the background, but who’s to say what horny black dude a visitor might inadvertently encounter on his travels? What’s more, the natives don’t always hang about alone – as Hanson discovers when he meets Lloyd Goldwin and Carlos Santiago looking only too ready and willing to take full and total advantage of the young Hungarian. Not that Hanson looks the slightest bit perturbed by the two dark-skinned beauties. In fact, having clearly been well educated as to what kind of equipment black guys keep stashed away in their swimming trunks, the lad looks altogether at ease with the experience – indeed, let’s be honest, he’s soon fishing inside that tight-fitting swimwear with the kind of gusto and enthusiasm that you’d probably expect from such a keyed-up cock-whore! Needless to say, it’s no time at all before the youngster is displaying a real appetite for those handsome black mambas; slurping on every inch of monster dick, before eagerly riding both thick, uncut shafts in turn. Soon he’s being rigorously spit-roasted for your (and his) pleasure, taking both dicks to the fucking hilt and sending these ass-hungry bruvas into overdrive. It comes as no surprise, then, that Goldwin and Santiago are soon busting a nut in sweet contentment; leaving Hanson to frantically jerk himself off whilst Santiago sticks his spent, jizzy dick back into his pert, but now well-stretched, white fuck-hole!