Sucking off Cliff

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Description: Meet Cliff! He is a 34 year old super hairy straight guy who was "snagged" up by one of our girls. She met him while having coffee and was able to persuade him to get a blow job in front of our cameras. When she explained it wouldn't be her doing it, but a guy he told her he would have to get back, after he though about it for awhile. A few weeks later we got the call we were waiting for. A very nervous straight guy was on the other end telling us he met our girl and would like to come by to try out Sergio's mouth. Cliff was scarred when we arrived to us. He told us he was a little freaked out that there was not a girl in sight, just us guys. We explained that the only girls on the set are on the DVD and he was welcome to watch if he so needed. Sergio did his best to relax Cliff. It also helped that Cliff was really horny as he hadn't cum for a few days. Sergio took advantage of that information and started to suck his cock before he had a chance to change his mind. Cliff was amazed that Sergio's blow job felt as good as it did. Better than most girls, he admits. Sergio's efforts were greatly rewarded when Cliff gave Sergio that facial he was hoping for!
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