The Return of Ginger Giant

Duration: 8:24 Views: 116K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: In response to the massive amount of emails we received asking for more Josh, we asked the Ginger Haired Giant if he would like to come back. He agreed on the condition that he gets Sergio again. Josh had a reason behind his request, he wanted to have Sergio submissively service him. That is just what happened, Josh got comfortable then had Sergio start licking his asshole to start. Josh feels that in order for a guy to suck his cock he should earn the right to do so and eating out his ass is a good way to show worthiness. Once Josh was satisfied, he rolled over and allowed Sergio to suck his cock.While Sergio was down there, Josh wrapped his muscular legs around Sergio's head and held it like a vice-grip! Sergio loved every minute of it. Josh really got off on using Sergio as his toy and dumped a load that proved it!
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