Tony Raw and Unleashed

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Description: Tony came back for a blowjob, not to make a movie with us, that was very apparent by his attitude from the start. He made it clear to us that if you weren't sucking his dick, stay out of his way. Tony told us that he has been working nonstop at his family's pizzeria and his softball team made the playoffs so he has had no time for himself these past few weeks. He did manage to to go on a date the night before but she wouldn't go all the way, so he arrived to us frustrated and horny. Since Sergio was going to be sucking his cock Tony was totally focused on him and told us that we could " do what yous gotta do", "take your pictures and shit" but don't get in the way because " I really need this, man...I deserve it" With that said in only a way Tony could, we were like flies on the wall, like voyeurs peering in and filming as this straight Italian stud was getting blown by a gay cocksucker. We just let Tony be Tony, giving him no direction whatsoever, he even took a call from his friend and told the him that he was about to get a blowjob, he just didn't mention that a guy was going to be blowing him! Sergio did exactly what Tony wanted, he even edged him a bit and then pulled off and let Tony rest because he didn't want to bust his nut too soon, he wanted to enjoy Sergio's blowjob. when Tony couldn't take it anymore he emptied his full balls with a huge messy and gooey load!
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