Troy Gets Some Head

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Description: Troy arrived with on thing in mind. He needed to get serviced, badly. Troy has been in a bit of a dry spell, between girlfriends so to speak, especially when they found out about each other. Since there was no pussy to be had, he went for the next best thing....a cocksucker's mouth. Ben was ready, willing and able to provide the service Troy needed. Ben started with Troy's pecs, tonging his nipples, they he took a swing on Troy's cock. Troy then lifted up his legs and Ben knew what that meant...rimjob! Ben got his tongue deep in Troy's asshole just the way Troy wanted. In time it became clear what Ben wanted....Troy's load! Ben realized that if he wanted Troy to cum, he would have to do the work, and he did! He gave Troy an amazing blowjob and Troy shot an amazing load..a. big, thick gooey mess!
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