Jesse's Gateway - Jesse Santana, Jake Austin

Duration: 16:07 Views: 40K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2011
Description: Things get really steamy in the sauna when Jesse Santana invites Jake Austin to sidle up next to him. In a flash, their towels are off and Jake is face down in Jesse’s lap nursing on his big dick with gusto. Jake makes Jesse shiver with excitement as his lips tug on his silver cock piercing. The fellows trade places and Jesse shows he’s just as adept sucking cock, making Jake sigh and pant as his tongue laps up his swollen lovemuscle. Then Jesse lays back so his buddy can rim his manhole. It feels so good that Jesse soon begs Jake to fuck him up the ass. The guys screw non-stop, missionary position then doggie-style. Jesse grabs ahold of his cock and masturbates until he squeezes out a warm load of cum. Jake is quick to respond as he jerks himself off and blasts a shower of jizz across Jesse’s back.
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