Aiden Creams Brayden's Hole

Duration: 18:26 Views: 70K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2013
Description: It's been several months since we've been treated to some Aiden action here at CF, but he's back and the action here is oh so worth the wait! It'd be hard to find two better personalities to team up than Aiden and Brayden (and it's just now I'm seeing the rhyme there - this pairing is fate!). These guys are fun-loving, friendly, easy-going, and share so many interests they get along great. It's not just their personalities that are a great match, though - they're contrasting physiques end up working perfectly together to make the action here overflow with so much hot imagery! First, there's Aiden's huge cock thrusting in and out of Brayden's mouth, Brayden doing all he can to swallow as much of it as possible. Then, there's Aiden's muscular, powerful frame overpowering Brayden's lean and tight body. Notice the look on their faces throughout this pairing - these guys wanted this, and wanted it bad!
Categories: Bareback Tattoos
Models: Aiden Brayden