Aiden's Happy New Year

Duration: 37:46 Views: 60K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2015
Description: When I asked Aiden what his New Year’s resolutions were, I’m not sure he had this in mind! For the first of the year, we have a couple of firsts… and they’re scorching hot ones. It’s Aiden’s first tag team, Steve’s first tag team, Aiden’s first creampie and the first time I nearly had a heart attack watching one of our own videos! And for our veteran upperclassman, Cain, well, it wasn’t his first time for anything, so I’ll work on a first for him soon… I guarantee this will start your 2015 off with a bang… maybe even a couple of bangs! - Aiden, Cain & Steve
Categories: Threesome
Models: Aiden Cain Steve