Rowan Swallows Brant

Duration: 26:05 Views: 26K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2015
Description: Although somewhat of a newcomer to CF, Rowan has settle right in and established himself a star. How could he not be though, just look at him! He has a body and dick that won’t quit. I could spend all day just counting his abs. Speaking of abs, Brant’s are just as impressive, as is the rest of him, especially that big dick of his! The action starts right away with Rowan bends down and works over Brant’s dick. Brant’s moans make it clear how much he’s enjoying Rowan’s mouth. Things really heat up as Brant strokes and fucks Rowan deep and good. With his tight ass stuffed full of cock, Rowan cums all over himself then eagerly takes Brant’s massive cum feeding!
Categories: Bareback