Miles Fucks Quinn

Duration: 34:46 Views: 31K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: Watching Miles’s and Quinn’s interaction over at ACS, left me wondering- Is it just me or was there some serious chemistry going on between those two? I mean, could we blame them if there was? In the description of his ideal guy, Miles mentioned thin, ripped, and hot. Looking at Quinn, he meets all that and more! On the other end, Miles is incredibly hot and sexual, plus still kind of innocent- which really turns Quinn on! Where in their last meeting there was a lot of teasing, this one fulfills the fantasies that had been started. Quinn introduces Miles to the world of foot play and I think it’s safe to say that Miles became quite the willing recruit to that and rimming. The two guys moan, suck, and fuck each other till they each shoot out massive loads, Miles’s all over Quinn’s face and mouth!
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Models: Miles Quinn