Alessandro Katz and Bjorn Nykvist 2017

Duration: 23:32 Views: 36K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2017
Description: College Cock Scene 1: Dirty Little Bath-Time Buddies Get Coated In Oodles Of Spunk! 2017 Alessandro Katz learns the dangers – or maybe that should be the benefits? – of trying to study whilst taking a piss in this terrific set-piece, which sees the ever-popular Bjorn Nykvist inviting the lad to take a shower with him when Katz makes a bit of a mess of the bathroom as a result. It’s not rocket science to understand what Nykvist’s motives are, of course – these are a couple of hyper-horny lads in their prime, after all! – and within a few moments of Katz stepping into the bath his mate is taking full advantage of the situation by soaping the fellow down in all his most intimate places. Of course it has to be said that just the sight of these two handsome beauties as they play with each other in the water is almost enough to get the majority of us into quite a lather – excuse the pun! But the temperature is set to get pushed even higher when Nykvist falls to his knees and proceeds to gobble eagerly away on his mate’s oversized schlong – a move that Katz is only too eager to replicate a few moments later. Nykvist’s efforts to secure his pal’s presence in the bath weren’t designed to get him just a blow-job, however. No, this is a boy who wants Katz to seriously focus on that hungry little pucker of his – and suffice it to say that he’s not left disappointed! Before long Katz is thrusting that mighty sword of his deep into the fellow’s guts – at first on the side of the bath, then down on the bathroom floor; which not surprisingly soon results in both guys producing such a furious volley of spunk that another dip in the water (and maybe another fuck!) cannot be ruled out!
Categories: Twinks Bareback
Models: Alessandro Katz