Brubaker 4

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Description: Today I've brought back everyone's favorite, BRUBAKER! Yes this former Navy boy with the cute face and hard cock has returned for some ass that's he's been craving but not as much as the pay day this scene had! Brubaker is here to make money but boy does he put on a performance. Watch as this straight guy takes charge and shows us all how straight guys take care of business! Watch what happens! This movie is a little different because there's not a formal interview because we've talked to this guys many times so I thought we would just get right down to the sex. Once we got camera shots adjusted, we went right into the cock sucking. Brubaker stood by the Dryer watching pussy porn on my iPad while I took care of his cock below getting him rock hard and ready for action. Once I got him hard I moved the situation to the fucking immediately and I sat Brubaker down on the chair and had him put his hands behind his head as I sat down on that cock of his backwards giving him a reaction that even surprised me. Once I buried my ass balls deep on his cock, he closed his eyes and spread his legs as I began to bounce on his cock making him moan louder and louder. Before long I was turned around the other direction and Brubaker had me sitting right over his crotch with his hands spread over each of my ass cheeks as he forced my ass on his cock bouncing my ass over and over again driving me crazy. Before long I had to get off that train because Brubaker was beginning to do some damage to my ass and I wasn't ready to get split in two. In the end, Brubaker bent me over the dryer doggie style and handled my business like nobody's business. Like a true professional, Brubaker took hold of my ass and waist with one hand as he put the other hand behind his back pounding my ass with a fever driving him closer and closer to an orgasm. Then all of a sudden, he gives me the warning, "you're about to make me cum" was the phrase and Brubaker delivered a load that blew out of the condom there was so much! Hot scene!
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