Double Penetrating Blake

Duration: 21:19 Views: 35K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2012
Description: Kent, Zeb and Blake have been hanging out watching some reality TV – and somehow they're still horny! With Blake in the middle, Kent and Zeb kiss him all over and get his clothes off. Blake swallows Zeb's cock and Kent goes down on Blake. Kent fucks Blake, then Zeb takes his turn pounding Blake's tight ass. Zeb climbs on top of Blake's dick and rides him. Zeb lies down and Blake climbs on top of him, then Kent shoves his cock in Blake's ass, filling him up! Blake even rolls over and sits on Zeb's cock in the reverse position and Kent shoves his cock back in for a second double penetration. Zeb gets fucked, this time by Kent, as Blake feeds Zeb his dick. Zeb shoots his load all over his abs and Blake blows his load into Zeb's face. Kent pulls out and blasts his load into Blake's mouth, who sucks him dry. Now that's MY kind of reality TV! - Blake, Kent, Zeb
Models: Blake Kent Zeb