Juanjo Rodriguez & John Rey

Duration: 15:57 Views: 22K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2013
Description: John is a flight attendant that has just been transferred to Madrid and is looking for an apartment. John is meeting with Juanjo today to look at the room he has for rent in his apartment. Juanjo gives John a tour of the apartment and lets him know that he is looking for more in a roommate. As the negotiations begin so does the touching, which leads to some very heavy cock sucking. Juanjo is very impressed with John’s ability to deep throat and swallow his cock the full length. John’s cock sucking skills are driving Juanjo crazy with desire. He switches up and begins to show John that he too is an expert deep throater. Juanjo begins priming John’s ass for his hard cock by fingering his tight hole, first with 2 fingers then 3 then his throbbing cock. Taking John from behind, Juanjo penetrates John’s wet hole completely, withdrawing just so the head of his cock remains in John’s ass then pounding him deep and hard. John flips over onto his back and Juanjo again begins his hard pounding on John's ass. John has relaxed and opened up his ass completely for Juanjo, and Juanjo is unable to control his load any longer and withdraws and shoots his huge load all over John’s face. John cannot resist the feel of hot cum on his face and release his hot milky load. Do you have a room for rent?
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