Tyson Pounds Blake

Duration: 21:41 Views: 23K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2012
Description: I'm not sure if Blake made any New Year's resolutions … but if getting fucked by hot guys was on his list, he's off to a great start! Tyson is an incredible top. He seems to instinctively know how to drive a guy wild. He fed Blake his big cock, and watched Blake blow him in the mirror. Tyson bent Blake over on the bed and teased his ass with his tongue. Blake was chomping at the bit to get plowed once Tyson got done teasing him! Tyson stuffs his dick into Blake's ass. He lifts Blake up by the hips and makes him take each thrust even harder. Tyson has an incredible, muscled chest that flexes as he pulls Blake further onto his cock. Blake begs tyson to fuck him and Tyson promises he is going to fuck him. Once Tyson knows Blake can take whatever he can dish out, he pounds Blake even harder. You can hear the bed knocking against the frame as Blake gets fucked. Blake tells Tyson he wants it rough. Tyson smacks his face and thrusts his cock into Blake even deeper. Tyson gets Blake back into doggy-style and works up a sweat fucking and spanking Blake. Tyson bones Blake harder, talking dirty to him, which Blake loves. Blake whimpers and begs for more. Tyson calls him a nasty mother fucker – guess it takes one to know one! Blake shoots a big load onto the bed. Tyson keeps pumping Blake's ass until he's ready to cum. He blasts a huge spray of cum all the way up Blake's back, then shoves his cock back inside Blake's ass.
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Models: Tyson Blake