Stingray - Anal Covert

Duration: 13:22 Views: 13K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2014
Description: Today I'm releasing a special scene that I caught on tape on one of Stingray's first appearances when he just got started. I met him on craigslist because of an ad he placed looking for pussy. I responded with my pitch that eventually landed him at my place where he would come for "bj 4 cash". After a few visits I gave him a little more and made him fuck my ass and this is what transpired. Stingray was very casually dressed when he came over because he was really getting ready for bed but I was so horny that I convinced him with enough cash to come over and fuck me and if it looked good I would pay him to tape it for the website. Stingray thought we were just fucking for the cash but I had a cameras situated throughout the room and I managed to catch the action on tape. We got started like we always do and Stingray needed to medicate so he could relax and before long the room was quiet, filled with smoke, and a horny Stingray waiting for the chance to bust a nut somehow. I started sucking this straight boy's cock and since this was one of his first movies, we really didn't say very much and mostly stuck to just getting off. Stingray was rock hard within minutes and I was excited to see that he was endowed the perfect size! It wasn't long before Stingray was hard and I told him to get behind me as I bent over on top of my bed and Stingray nailed me from the back. This went on for quite some time before I realized that if Stingray didn't nut soon, I would have a very soar asshole for weeks and have to halt work! Stingray was fucking like there's no tomorrow and he handled the ass like a real pro. In the end Stingray is a little on the quieter side as he busts his big fat load all over my ass and ass. Yep another one of those! Stingray took the camera and showed us the entire mess as it sat on top of me. It was wonderful, nice warm jizz that would make anyone's day better, especially mine!