For a few inches more - Scene 2

Duration: 23:10 Views: 22K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2015
Description: Given the almost breathtaking dimensions of Billy Ray’s cock it’s perhaps not exactly surprising that the fellow was a regular feature in STAXUS productions during the mid-2000s – after all, what gay porn director worth his fee would turn down the opportunity to have this lad’s monster shaft putting on a show? Not Vlado Iresch, that’s for sure; and in this terrific escapade the legendary producer decided to give two of Ray’s lucky buddies, Chris Ralf and Mike Sorrow, the opportunity to do their very worst on the king-sized phallus. A task that they take on with full gusto, having met Ray in the somewhat unoriginal setting of a public toilet. Not that either of these two oversexed boys seem in any way perturbed by the unoriginality of the backdrop. Indeed, Ralf is clearly more than up to the job at hand; for having joined in with Sorrow to slobber all over the entire length of Ray’s enormous ramrod, he’s soon cleverly positioned himself so that the said shaft can pummel his mouth whilst his ass gets the full-on attention of Sorrow’s cock from the other end. The result is the kind of spit-roasting that most of us would surely die for; with Ray and Sorrow subsequently switching roles so that Ralf can enjoy every inch of Ray’s ass-breaker up his rear! No fucking wonder that the guy is soon squirting the contents of his nads all over the floor; before his two fuck-buddies blast his face with a fine spray of baby-brew! As toilet encounters go, this is definitely one to be remembered! - Chris Ralf, Billy Ray & Mike Sorrow
Categories: Big Dick Threesome
Models: Chris Ralf