Full Fist Interrogation - Scene 1

Duration: 40:38 Views: 16K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2017
Description: Colin Bryant has been a bad soldier wearing a filthy uniform and being a general dirty pig. Hugh Hunter is Colin's commanding officer and he's going to put an end to Colin's lack of respect once and for all. Hugh bolts Colin's wrists to a table and gives him the choice to be thrown in the brig or to take his punishment here. Colin chooses the here and now option so Hugh rips off Colin's uniform and revs up an electric wand. Hugh zaps Colin's cock and balls with electricity but when he discovers Colin likes the punishment, Hugh moves onto the more severe 'German Method'. Hugh pulls out his night stick and covers it with lube. It easily slips inside Colin's tight little ass. 'Let's see what you can really do,' Hugh says as he shoves the stick in further. Hugh isn't satisfied with Colin's abilities for taking things up his ass so he slips his gloved hand in the bucket of grease and shoves it inside Colin's butt. It's a tight fit, but it eventually goes wrist deep as Colin moans out. Colin loves every inch of Hugh's massive hands alternating going in and out as they stretch his ass to the absolute limits. Colin is sweating like the pig he is when Hugh relents and gives the soldier a reprieve for the moment. Hugh warns him that he'll be right back and that Colin better be ready on his hands and knees to service Hugh's ass before the punishment is truly over - Hugh Hunter, Colin Bryant
Models: Hugh Hunter